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I initially studied Speech and Drama at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. On completion I trained as a Drama therapist at Lady Mary School for emotionally challenged children and adolescents.  I subsequently developed a program for Theatre In Education (TIE) bringing the benefits of drama as a medium for emotional and psychological expression into the class-room .Co- scripting and performing plays with children that were relevant to what was happening in their own lives and within their communities taught me the enormous power and benefits in expressing our inner and sometimes conflicted selves through the medium of self- script and drama.


After a career in business I returned to study for my MA in Counselling Psychotherapy at the University of East Anglia (UEA). For my research (Becoming The Person I Was Truly Meant To Be) I looked at reconnecting with our real, authentic self.

The separation from our authentic self often happens as a result of childhood experiences where we are compared to others, shamed, threatened and criticised in our family or community. Subsequently this led to my PhD in Psychotherapy at Regent’s University in London in which I explored our lived experience of Intimacy.

"When I am solid, safe and secure in myself then I do not need to be frightened of others who make Choices that are different from mine, I do not need to control them into being the same as I am, I do not need to struggle, punish or get rid of them   "

Dr. Owen Madden


Finding Sexual Realness

Context Of The Book
This book has arisen out of our experience as therapists over many years with individuals and with groups in which it has become clear that sexuality and sexual Self-expression are fraught with threat for us; this applying to both men and women alike, and to people from all age groups, and applying whether one’s sexual orientation is opposite gender or same gender. When surrounded by threat, it can be difficult to find your realness; this book is intended to assist you in facing the challenges involved.

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