Owen Madden - Psychologist


09 Mar 2016

Ways of Relating that Create Safety

The crucial foundation for safety for adult same-gender intimacy is the presence of unconditional relating from parents
09 Mar 2016

A Personal Perspective

The late poet and philosopher John o’ Donoghue, in his book Anam Cara, talks a lot about peoples intrinsic need to belong.
09 Mar 2016

Our protective responses

Much of our experiences, reactions and protective responses are below the surface of our conscious awareness
09 Mar 2016

Safe Holding

A Responsibility for Each of Us: Working with the LGBT+Community.

"When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, the sound is often no louder than the beating of your heart and it's very easy to miss it. To live a conscious life, we must refine and hone our listening."

Dr. Owen Madden

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